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[heimish]Bulgarian Rose Mist Serum


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  • [Brightening + Anti-Wrinkle]
  • Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizing Mist

This hydrating and nourishing facial mist contains 88% Bulgarian rose water and adequately moisturizes, leaving skin soft and hydrated. Serum is applied as a spray to deliver essential compounds in fine particles, sealing skin in a dewy mist. Contains fresh natural scents from the green floral series.

Size: 55ml

How To Use:

Shake thoroughly. Keeping eyes closed, spray onto face and neck as if drawing circles, about 7-11 inches away. After spraying, gently pat dry. Use it anytime, anywhere, whenever your skin feels dry.

Tip: Use before or after applying makeup/ Also works as a substitute for toner after washing face.

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